Ranjan Laha

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Does cerebellar retraction during operations in the posterior fossa contribute to increased morbidity and mortality, and if so, what are the critical factors involved? In order to answer these questions, graded retractor pressures of 10, 20, and 30 mm Hg were applied for one hour to the cerebellar hemispheres of dogs in the sitting position. It was noted(More)
A case of unilateral acoustic neuroma in a girl of ten years without any stigmata or family history of von Recklinghausen's disease is presented. Despite the relatively large size of the tumor, a complete removal was achieved with preservation of function of the facial nerve and a fortuitous preservation of useful hearing. Such tumors are rare in childhood.(More)
A mathematical analysis of the minimum occlusion force necessary to occlude small vessels based on the parametric influence of blood pressure, vessel diameter, clamp width, and vessel shape after clamping was performed. The results were confirmed by in vivo experimentation with 60 rat aortas (of 1.8 to 2.4 mm caliber) using a variable-force clamp gauge(More)
Acute arterial embolism continues to be a major cause of stroke morbidity in children and young adults. Potential therapy modalities include medical management and/or cerebral revascularization. The canine middle cerebral artery (MCA) was embolized by means of a pliable cylinder, 8 mm long by 1.6 mm in diameter, via the internal carotid artery. Control and(More)
Recent evidence for one or more gamma-ray lines at ∼ 130 GeV in the Fermi-LAT data from the Galactic Center has been interpreted as a hint for dark matter annihilation to Zγ or Hγ with an annihilation cross section of σv ∼ 10 −27 cm 3 s −1. We test this hypothesis by comparing synchrotron fluxes due to the electrons and positrons from decay of the Z or the(More)
Galaxy clusters are one of the most promising candidate sites for dark matter annihilation. We focus on dark matter (χ) with mass in the range (10 GeV − 100 TeV), annihilating through the channels χχ → µ + µ − , χχ → ν ¯ ν, χχ → tt, or χχ → ν ¯ νν ¯ ν, and forecast the expected sensitivity to the annihilation cross section into these channels by observing(More)