Ranjan Dutta Kalita

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Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) is generally produced through acid hydrolysis of woody plants and agro sources. MCC synthesized from a common wild grass Setaria glauca (L) P. Beauv was characterized to explore the possibility of application in pharmaceutical industry especially as a drug delivery vehicle. The SEM, TGA, XRD and FTIR investigations of the(More)
In the last couple of decades the radially polarized beam has been gaining a lot of importance in diverse areas owing to its unique properties, especially near the focus of a lens. For instance, when focused tightly, the radially polarized beam produces a strong axially polarized field on the optical axis near the focus. Some of the areas where the radially(More)
In this Letter, we present the experimental results of a focused light beam that exhibits superior resilience to various common monochromatic aberrations. The light beam, obtained by applying a helical phase mask on an azimuthally polarized beam, has an Airy pattern that is like a circularly symmetric focal spot. Our results show that the beam in the(More)
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