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As soon as digital artifacts have become a part and parcel of everyday life, the need for digital media archives with the capacity of preserving the given metadata has risen impressively. The process of converting the digital metadata to archives, however, is fraught with a number of difficulties, the key one concerning the methodology for embedding high(More)
Computer scientists and engineers work with increasing amounts of information. These data are used for knowledge retrieval, data management decision support and so on. Sorting algorithms are important procedures that if efficiently composed and implemented can increase speed of data processing and decision correctness. Many various sorting algorithms and(More)
Recently, image steganography has received a lot of attention as it enables for secure multimedia communication. Payload capacity and stego image imperceptibility are a critical factors of any steganographic technique. In order to receive maximum embedding capacity with a minimum degradation of stego images, secret data should be embedded carefully in a(More)
Steganography is the process of concealing data to protect the carrier file data from intruders. One of the main challenges of steganography is to maintain optimum visual quality while increasing hiding capacity. This can be resolved by incorporating the human visual systems weaknesses in steganography, which results in a good quality of the algorithm.(More)
The main goal of hiding data is to conceal the very existence of the hidden information, therefore there is a significant demand for steganographic approaches that can ensure imperceptibility of such infromation. However, there is a limited corresponding evaluation parameters available. Most of the studies use the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) as a(More)
Information concealment is of paramount importance in information and communication security. For the protection of information and intellectual property, effective techniques are needed. Steganography is the art of writing concealed information in a way that it does not arouse suspicion about its existence. This ensures that only the sender and the(More)
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