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In the present study, we examined the ability of a chemically synthesized compound based on the structure of leonurine, a phytochemical component of Herba leonuri, to protect H9c2 rat ventricular cells from apoptosis induced by hypoxia and serum deprivation, as a model of ischemia. The results revealed a concentration-dependent increase in cell viability(More)
Current guidelines for endoscopic surveillance of Barrett's esophagus (BE) recommend that patients with newly diagnosed BE undergo confirmatory esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) to exclude the presence of dysplasia. The extent to which confirmatory endoscopy alters management and detects missed dysplasia in newly diagnosed BE has not been reported. The(More)
BACKGROUND We have developed and validated a system for real-time X-ray fused with magnetic resonance imaging, MRI (XFM), to guide catheter procedures with high spatial precision. Our implementation overlays roadmaps-MRI-derived soft-tissue features of interest-onto conventional X-ray fluoroscopy. We report our initial clinical experience applying XFM,(More)
With the growth of mobile computing, users will have simultaneous access to multiple overlaid networks, each with different characteristics, services and costs. This paper introduces TOMTEN (TOtal Management Of Transmissions for the ENd-user), a framework for managing resources in both this type of environment as well as the traditional single network(More)