Ranieri Barros Teixeira

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Digital TV interactivity implies a great potential for social and digital inclusion, especially in a country like Brazil, where 95% of households have at least one TV. Due to the importance of Interactive Digital TV in this scenario, it is necessary not only to provide new applications to support services on TV, but also to evaluate the technological(More)
This paper identifies an opportunity to reduce the latency in information visualization (InfoVis) systems, exploring the parallelization of the visualization pipeline architecture. We propose a concurrent architecture where the visualization pipeline stages are modified to execute as producers and consumers threads. The threads synchronization is done by(More)
Multi-display environment (MDE) has evolved in recent years; however, the adjustment of common visualization system to MDEs poses several challenges. This paper describes an information visualization (IV) tool for a distributed and scalable environment with coordinated multiple views of data, which simulates an extended desktop across multi-display. This(More)
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