Rania Muhammad

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Activation of cutaneous C-fibers by capsaicin or sciatic nerve transection increases the number of astrocytic gap junctions as well as the levels of connexin 43 in the dorsal horn on the stimulated side. Changes in connexin 37 mRNA expression following nerve injury have not been previously documented. We examined the role of gap junction protein connexin 37(More)
Endogenous opioid peptides play an essential role in the intrinsic modulation and control of inflammatory pain, and could be therapeutically useful. These opioid peptides are synthesized as parts of larger precursor molecules. One such precursor molecule is pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC). In this study, we developed a gene-gun method for the transfer of POMC(More)
Injury to the peripheral nervous system can lead to spontaneous pain, hyperalgesia and allodynia. Previous studies have shown sprouting of Abeta-fibres into lamina II of the spinal cord dorsal horn after nerve injury and the formation of new synapses by these sprouts. Synaptophysin is a presynaptic vesicle protein, useful in the identification of(More)
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