Rani Taher

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Pure pyocyanin was prepared from 120 strains ofPseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from different clinical specimens. The modified method used increased the purification 425-fold. The spectra of pyocyanin of all strains were found to be identical with a single major peak at 363 nm. The only difference between these spectra appeared to be the level value(More)
The human vocal folds (VFs) undergo complex biomechanical stimulation during phonation. The aim of the present study was to develop and validate a phono-mimetic VF flow perfusion bioreactor, which mimics the mechanical microenvironment of the human VFs in vitro. The bioreactor uses airflow-induced self-oscillations, which have been shown to produce(More)
Stress contours have been generated in photoelastic models simulating cartilaginous and bony epiphyses. According to the findings, the secondary centre of ossification is formed in areas of the cartilaginous epiphysis shown to have reduced mechanical stress. The bony epiphysis appears to have been developed as a more mechanically efficient structure.
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