Rani Qumsiyeh

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Taking advantage of the popularity of the web, online marketplaces such as Ebay (.com), advertisements (ads for short) websites such as Craigslist(.org), and commercial websites such as Carmax(.com) (allow users to) post ads on a variety of products and services. Instead of browsing through numerous websites to locate ads of interest, web users would(More)
Existing multimedia recommenders suggest a specific type of multimedia items rather than items of different types personalized for a user based on his/her preference. Assume that a user is interested in a particular family movie, it is appealing if a multimedia recommendation system can suggest other movies, music, books, and paintings closely related to(More)
Taking advantage of the Web, many advertisements (ads for short) websites, which aspire to increase client's transactions and thus profits, offer searching tools which allow users to (i) post keyword queries to capture their information needs or (ii) invoke form-based interfaces to create queries by selecting search options, such as a price range, filled-in(More)
Reading is an integral part of educational development, however, it is frustrating for people who struggle to understand (are not motivated to read, respectively) text documents that are beyond (below, respectively) their readability levels. Finding appropriate reading materials, with or without first scanning through their contents, is a challenge, since(More)
Current web search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, rank the set of documents S retrieved in response to a user query and display the URL of each document D in S with a title and a snippet, which serves as an abstract of D. Snippets, however, are not as useful as they are designed for, which is supposed to assist its users to quickly identify(More)
These days web users searching for opinions expressed by others on a particular product or service P S can turn to review repositories , such as Epinions.com or Imdb.com. While these repositories often provide a high quantity of reviews on P S, browsing through archived reviews to locate different opinions expressed on P S is a time-consuming and tedious(More)
Review websites, such as Epinions.com, which offer users a platform to share their opinions on diverse products and services, provide a valuable source of opinion-rich information. Browsing through archived reviews to locate different opinions on a product or service, however, is a time-consuming and tedious task, and in most cases, the large amount of(More)
One of the useful tools offered by existing web search engines is query suggestion (QS), which assists users in formulating keyword queries by suggesting keywords that are unfamiliar to users, offering alternative queries that deviate from the original ones, and even correcting spelling errors. The design goal of QS is to enrich the web search experience of(More)