Rangjiao Roger Liu

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Spontaneously arising mouse mutations have served as the foundation for understanding gene function for more than 100 years. We have used exome sequencing in an effort to identify the causative mutations for 172 distinct, spontaneously arising mouse models of Mendelian disorders, including a broad range of clinically relevant phenotypes. To analyze the(More)
Precision medicine in oncology relies on rapid associations between patient-specific variations and targeted therapeutic efficacy. Due to the advancement of genomic analysis, a vast literature characterizing cancer-associated molecular aberrations and relative therapeutic relevance has been published. However, data are not uniformly reported or readily(More)
Targeted exome sequencing of patient tumor samples has been applied in a CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic lab to connect genetic variants to personalized treatments. The Jackson Laboratory has established a Cancer Treatment Profile (JAX-CTP) of 358 genes. We have also built a Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB) that enables annotation of genomic variations as(More)
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