Ranga Srinivasan

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This paper presents a new algorithm for extracting the centerlines of the axons from a 3D data stack collected by a confocal laser scanning microscope. Recovery of neuronal structures from such datasets is critical for quantitatively addressing a range of neurobiological questions such as the manner in which the branching pattern of motor neurons change(More)
MOTIVATION Unraveling the structure and behavior of the brain and central nervous system (CNS) has always been a major goal of neuroscience. Understanding the wiring diagrams of the neuromuscular junction connectomes (full connectivity of nervous system neuronal components) is a starting point for this, as it helps in the study of the organizational and(More)
-In this paper we examine a primitive data structure for routing lookup called 24/8 which requires about 32 MB memory to store the routing table information. A novel compression algorithm is used to reduce the memory requirement to about 3 MB. The data structure is common for both route lookup and update. We present a fast route lookup algorithm and an(More)
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