Ranga Narayanaswami

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In this paper, we present the development of an in-air acoustic test-bed for rapid proof-of-concept testing of (underwater) communication technologies. In addition to more accurately representing the actual channel when compared to simulation, the test-bed also provides an easy method to introduce channel impairments, such as Doppler distortion, in a(More)
In this paper we examine novel signal processing algorithms that utilize wavelet statistics, spectral statistics and power spectral density in addition to cadence and kurtosis for robust discrimination of humans and animals in an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) field. The wavelet statistics are based on the average, variance and energy of the third scale(More)
Laser-based flexible fabrication (LBFF), a solid free form fabrication (SFF) method based on laser-cladding process, was developed as an alternative to conventional machining methods for producing dies and molds. LBFF is similar to processes such as LENS with additional features including shaped beam profile, quasi-coaxial powder delivery, and functionally(More)
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