Randy Wachal

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In this paper, fault location accuracies in a 2400 km long overhead HVdc line and 300km long underground cable HVdc line using the two-terminal travelling wave method are investigated. The paper proposes to use continuous wavelet transform for detecting the arrival time of travelling waves, and shows that it provides better accuracy when compared with the(More)
This paper investigates an approach to repurposing old hybrid electric vehicle batteries for energy storage in electrical networks that incorporate renewable energy sources. Such batteries suffer from aging affects that limit their ability to maintain their designed capacity, voltage and current ratings. Furthermore, this paper examines the battery aging(More)
This research proposes a novel method to monitor ice accretions on power transmission lines with an image-based 3D (three-dimensional) detection technique. The method uses two ice images of the same power transmission line taken by two cameras to calculate ice thickness. The major difficulty involved in this research is to find corresponding points in two(More)
The end of life cycle of batteries used in electric and hybrid electric vehicles may have great potential for further use in the electrical power system for energy storage. However, the phenomenon known as battery aging must be considered before the repurposing of these batteries. This phenomenon affects the batteries' ability to maintain their nominal(More)
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