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Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and Addison-Wesley was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed with initial capital letters or in all capitals. The author and publisher have taken care in the preparation of(More)
The critical micelle concentration (cmc) of several lysophospholipids and of a lysophospholipid analogue was determined from surface tension measurements using the maximum bubble pressure method and/or 31P NMR. The use of the maximum bubble pressure method has now been extended to micromolar concentrations of surfactant, and the experimental parameters that(More)
In the early 1990s, when object-oriented languages emerged into the mainstream of software development, a noticeable surge in productivity occurred as developers saw new and better ways to create software programs. Although the new and efficient object programming paradigm was hailed and accepted by a growing number of organizations, relational database(More)
The kinetics of the lysophospholipase purified from the P388D1 macrophage-like cell line (Zhang and Dennis (1988) J. Biol Chem. 263, 9965-9972) have been explored. Three different lysophospholipids were used in these studies: 1-hexadecanoyllysophosphatidylcholine, 1-tetradecanoyllysophosphatidylcholine, and 1-hexadecanoyllysophosphatidylglycerol. Since all(More)
In an era of healthcare reform, escalating costs, and constant change, methods of care delivery that will produce satisfactory patient outcomes while maintaining or reducing the cost of care must be developed. In an effort to meet this goal, Community General Hospital of Thomasville, North Carolina, implemented the Patient-Focused Care Delivery Model. This(More)
Description FoodSmart TM is an open source, commercial grade application for recipe management and grocery list development. It was designed to show people how to build large, distributed object systems. The system includes over 94 domain objects. In addition to the FoodSmart application, the demo will access design patterns that were developed as part of(More)
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