Randy Stafford

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protected void doInsert(DomainObject subject, PreparedStatement insertStatement) throws SQLException; class PersonMapper... protected String insertStatement() { return "INSERT INTO people VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)"; } protected void doInsert( DomainObject abstractSubject, PreparedStatement stmt) throws SQLException { Person subject = (Person) abstractSubject;(More)
The permeability coefficients (Kp) for tritium-labelled water (THO) were determined in human and monkey skin, and monkey buccal mucosa. Kp of human skin (0.47 x 10(-3) cm/h) correlated favorably with previous reports. Kp of hydrated monkey skin for THO (0.77 x 10(-3) cm/h) was not significantly different (P greater than 0.05) from Kp of hydrated human skin(More)
In the early 1990s, when object-oriented languages emerged into the mainstream of software development, a noticeable surge in productivity occurred as developers saw new and better ways to create software programs. Although the new and efficient object programming paradigm was hailed and accepted by a growing number of organizations, relational database(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of carrier vehicle on the penetration of brevetoxin ([3H]PbTx-3) into skin layers and receptor fluid. Disks of guinea-pig skin were mounted on penetration chambers. Epidermal surfaces were dosed with 0.320 microgram/cm2 of PbTx-3 dissolved in 50 microliters of vehicle [water, methanol, or(More)
The penetration and distribution of [3H]PbTx-3 into pig skin was determined using in vivo and in vitro methods. The dose used in each topical study was 0.3-0.4 micrograms/cm2 skin, with dimethylsulfoxide as the vehicle. In the in vivo study, mean cutaneous absorption after 48 h (expressed as percentage of the dose) was 11.5% (n = 3). In the in vitro study,(More)
Lyngbyatoxin A is produced by marine algae, and causes local cutaneous toxicity in swimmers. The purpose of this research was (1) to determine the partition coefficient of lyngbyatoxin A in octanol/water and (2) to use methods in vitro to measure the penetration and distribution of lyngbyatoxin A in guinea pig and human skin. Discs of excised guinea pig and(More)
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