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Molecular approaches to understanding the functional circuitry of the nervous system promise new insights into the relationship between genes, brain and behaviour. The cellular diversity of the brain necessitates a cellular resolution approach towards understanding the functional genomics of the nervous system. We describe here an anatomically comprehensive(More)
In mammalian urorectal development, the urorectal septum (urs) descends from the ventral body wall to the cloaca membrane (cm) to partition the cloaca into urogenital sinus and rectum. Defective urs growth results in human congenital anorectal malformations (ARMs), and their pathogenic mechanisms are unclear. Recent studies only focused on the importance of(More)
The cloaca is temporally formed and eventually divided by the urorectal septum (URS) during urogenital and anorectal organ development. Although congenital malformations, such as anorectal malformations (ARMs), are frequently observed during this process, the underlying pathogenic mechanisms remain unclear. β-Catenin is a critical component of canonical Wnt(More)
The protein and glycoprotein composition of Triton X-100 extracts of breast biopsies from 17 women with benign breast disease and from 11 women with invasive breast carcinoma were investigated using electrophoresis in SDS-containing gradient polyacrylamide gels, followed by Coomassie Blue (CB) staining and the binding of radio-iodinated wheat germ(More)
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oder. Sparse matrix solvers on the gpu: conjugate gradients and multigrid. [5] V. de Silva and J.B. Tenenbaum. Global versus local methods for nonlinear dimensionality reduction. A multigrid solver for boundary value problems using programmable graphics hardware. a stream-processing framework for interactive rendering on clusters. study on color(More)
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