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In addition to human encephalitis and meningitis cases, the West Nile (WN) virus outbreak in the summer and fall of 1999 in New York State resulted in bird deaths in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. From August to December 1999, 295 dead birds were laboratory-confirmed with WN virus infection; 262 (89%) were American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos). The(More)
In 1999, Connecticut was one of three states in which West Nile (WN) virus actively circulated prior to its recognition. In 2000, prospective surveillance was established, including monitoring bird deaths, testing dead crows, trapping and testing mosquitoes, testing horses and hospitalized humans with neurologic illness, and conducting a human(More)
On November 19, 2001, a case of inhalational anthrax was identified in a 94-year-old Connecticut woman, who later died. We conducted intensive surveillance for additional anthrax cases, which included collecting data from hospitals, emergency departments, private practitioners, death certificates, postal facilities, veterinarians, and the state medical(More)
In the face of chronic stress, some individuals can maintain normal function while others go on to develop mental illness. Addiction, affecting one in every twelve people in America, is a substance use disorder long associated with stressful life events and disruptions in the sleep/wake cycle. The circadian and stress response systems have evolved to afford(More)
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  • 2015
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural Neuroscience Symposium at Kent State Universtty:The Neuroscience of Mental Health. The purpose of this symposium is to bring together nationally renowned neuroscience researchers, clinical practitioners, students and the public to discuss leading-edge university research on mechanisms underlying mood and(More)
The Novartis Foundation is an international scienti¢c and educational charity (UK Registered Charity No. 313574). Known until September 1997 as the Ciba Foundation, it was established in 1947 by the CIBA company of Basle, which merged with Sandoz in 1996, to form Novartis. The Foundation operates independently in London under English trust law. It was(More)
It is officially winter break, but the NGSP committee has been hard at work sorting through applications for the new incoming class of students. The committee identified 30 applicants to visit Ohio State during two recruitment events scheduled January 15-16 and 22-23. We were impressed with the high quality of applicants this year and hope that we can(More)
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