Randy LeVeque

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and have found that it is complete and satisfactory in all respects, and that any and all revisions required by the final examining committee have been made. Date: In presenting this dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctoral degree at the University of Washington, I agree that the Library shall make its copies freely available(More)
Value Function Approximation Methods for Linearly-solvable Markov Decision Process Optimal control provides an appealing machinery to complete complicated control tasks with limited prior knowledge. Both global methods and online trajectory optimization methods are powerful techniques for solving optimal control problems; however, each has limitations. The(More)
The annual PIMS Graduate Industrial Math Modelling Camp (GIMMC) is held in one of the PIMS universities as part of the PIMS Industrial Forum. It is part of PIMS commitment to providing training for young mathematical scientists who are either pursing careers in academia or in industry. The goal of the GIMMC is to provide experience in the use of(More)
PIMS looks forward to the Seventh Industrial Problem Solving Workshop which will be held at the University of Calgary next year. Thank you to Jack Macki from the University of Alberta who edited these proceedings. I would also like extend my thanks to the other organizers Chris Bose (U.
In order to test the sensitivity of different techniques in the diagnosis of sacroiliitis, we have made a prospective and non-controlled study of 22 patients using standard radiography of the sacroiliac joint; conventional tomography and axial scintigraphy (calculation of an ISI sacroiliac index). The normal upper limit of the sacroiliac index (1.42) was(More)
On the instability of water waves with surface tension. We analyze the stability of solutions to Euler's equations in the presence of surface tension. First we compute stationary solutions to periodic Euler's equations in a travelling frame of reference and then we analyze their spectral stability. Depending on the coefficient of surface tension, we see(More)
In the group of 35 patients with cerclage, intermediate fetal mortality was reduced from 37.1% to 0 (p < 0.001); late fetal mortality rate from 8.5% to 2.8% (p = 0.606); prematurity from 65.7% to 5.7% (p < 0.001); newborn underweight from 11.4% to 5.7% (p = 0.671); newborns with very low weight from 34.2% to 0 (p < 0.001) and the abortion rate from 8.5% to(More)