Randy L. Powell

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Exposure to light during the night reduces plasma melatonin levels. A previous study showed that, in response to light, nighttime plasma melatonin levels fell twice as much in a group of acutely ill manic-depressive patients as in a group of normal subjects. The present study compares 11 euthymic manic-depressive patients not taking medications with 24 age-(More)
The plastination process using vacuum impregnation replaces tissue fluids with curable polymers and results in dry, non-toxic specimens. We detail a method to produce high quality plastinated specimens using an injection impregnation process. This alternate, non-vacuum method is very low-tech and has minimal start-up costs. We were able to successfully use(More)
Genetic evaluations of Holstein bulls for February 1997 through May 1998 were examined to determine the value of more frequent evaluation for quicker identification of bulls with changing predicted transmitting abilities (PTA) and of new bulls of superior genetic merit. Changes in PTA between evaluations that were calculated quarterly rather than(More)
Cows with superior genetic merit, based on an economic index for milk, fat, and yields (milk-fat-protein dollars), have been designated as elite by USDA. Because of the concern that adjustment for heterogeneous variance may have resulted in inequitable state representation for elite cows, the percentages of US cows with elite status were compared by state(More)
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