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Recording engineers, mixers and producers play important yet often overlooked roles in defining the sound of a particular record, artist or group. The placement of different sound sources in space using stereo panning information is an important component of the production process. Audio classification systems typically convert stereo signals to mono and to(More)
Evaporation rates and total energy loads from an unoccupied, heated, outdoor pool in Fort Collins, Colorado were investigated. Pool and air temperatures, humidity, thermal radiation, wind speed, and water loss due to evaporation were measured over 2 1 test periods ranging from 1.1 to 16.2 hours during August and September, 1992. Data were analyzed and(More)
AIM Aspergillus terreus produces itaconic acid at low pH but lovastatin and other secondary metabolites at higher pH in the fermentation. The utilization of glucose as a carbon substrate was investigated for secondary metabolite production by A. terreus. METHODS AND RESULTS With a starting pH of 6.5, glucose was rapidly metabolized to gluconic acid by the(More)
Clostridium difficile is widely known as a cause of disease in humans, and has emerged as an important problem in neonatal swine. No commercial product is available for immunoprophylaxis of C. difficile-associated disease, but success in preventing experimental infections in hamsters by use of nontoxigenic strains to competitively exclude toxigenic strains(More)
The use of high-performance liquid chromatography with a cation-exchange column and effluent monitoring at 210 nm has been evaluated for the profiling of selected microbial metabolites including aliphatic, dicarboxylic, and phenolic acids, as an adjunct to the identification of selected bacteria, detection of bacterial metabolites in foods, and the(More)
Three isonitrogenous starter (230 g/kg) and three finisher diets (200 g/kg) were formulated to contain 10.78, 12.78 and 14.78 MJ AME/kg and fed to 1512 male and female broilers such that there were 9 treatment combinations. Birds fed the low-energy starter diet were significantly lighter (P less than 0.05) and their carcases contained proportionally less(More)
This paper presents a new force-sensitive surface designed for playing music. A prototype system has been implemented using a passive capacitive sensor, a commodity multichannel audio interface, and decoding software running on a laptop computer. This setup has been a successful, lowcost route to a number of experiments in intimate musical control.