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Cultural identity is an important factor in how well Aboriginal people respond to HIV/AIDS prevention or, once diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, how it affects their health care. This study explores the cultural skills among service providers who see Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs) and the perspectives of APHAs. The purpose is to better understand(More)
This month's issue of The CIP Report focuses on critical infrastructure protection in the Department of Defense. The DOD plays a complex and multi-layered role in relation to the protection of critical infrastructure/key resources, by not only serving as the Sector Specific Agency for the Defense Industrial Base, but also by being home to some of the most(More)
In this month's issue of Th e CIP Report, we highlight three examples of ongoing academic research directly impacting not only the fi eld of critical infrastructure protection, but national security writ large. Th ese contributions, provided by researchers at James and a recent graduate of American University, look at very distinct areas of interest: the fi(More)
2015 i ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My gratitude to all the growers who welcomed me onto their farms to share their knowledge of growing fruit and observations on D. suzukii; my labmates in the Gratton and Guédot labs for their support and sharing of skills; my advisors Claudio Gratton and Christelle Guédot for their mentoring and willingness to let me find my own way;(More)
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