Randy Hamilton

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Porphyromonas gingivalis is a gram-negative, anaerobic coccobacillus that has been implicated as a major etiological agent in the development of chronic periodontitis. In this paper, we report the characterization of a protein, IhtB (iron heme transport; formerly designated Pga30), that is an outer membrane hemin-binding protein potentially involved in iron(More)
Adeno associated virus (AAV) is a non-pathogenic dependent parvovirus with a broad host range, capable of high levels of transduction and stable integration into the host cell genome. We have investigated the potential for using AAV as a vector for gene transfer into glial cells of the human fetal nervous system. Recombinant AAV vectors expression either(More)
It is well known that differential protection is most suitable for transformer protection. However, inrush current due to transformer energization can appear as fault to the protective relay. To improve the security while maintaining the required levels of sensitivity, many restraint methods have been proposed to inhibit operation of the differential(More)
Thermal issues shorten motor life. Modern motor relays must protect for these effects, which can occur for motors from small to large (50 hp and greater) and for all voltage operational levels. However, being too conservative on thermal limits decreases motor productivity. An ANSI/IEEE 49 thermal element creates a realistic thermal model of the motor(More)
ADVANTAGES A dot-grid sample of large-scale aerial photographs is an easy, rapid, and repeatable way to assess weed percent cover. Monitoring change in populations is a critical component of effective weed-management programs. An important indicator of change is weed percent cover. However, percent cover is frequently assessed by imprecise and unrepeatable(More)
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