Randy Glenn

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The Pleiades Promoter Project integrates genomewide bioinformatics with large-scale knockin mouse production and histological examination of expression patterns to develop MiniPromoters and related tools designed to study and treat the brain by directed gene expression. Genes with brain expression patterns of interest are subjected to bioinformatic analysis(More)
The mammalian CNS is one of the most complex biological systems to understand at the molecular level. The temporal information from time series transcriptome analysis can serve as a potent source of associative information between developmental processes and regulatory genes. Here, we introduce a new transcriptome database called, Cerebellar Gene Regulation(More)
Effects of self-ideal discrepancy and favorability of content on subjects' acceptance of personality interpretations were studied. Subjects accepted more favorable than neutral statements and more neutral than unfavorable statements. A significant effect was found for self-ideal discrepancy and for the interaction between self-ideal discrepancy and content(More)
The present article discusses the importance of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of key institutional personnel prior to attempting program innovations. The importance of such individuals in "making" or "breaking" effective programs is emphasized, and various key hospital staff members are described. A simple evaluation process is discussed with the(More)
Electronic media technology provides artists with tools for exploring interactivity. New immersive media sensations can result from the interactions between viewers and electronic artwork. "Zeugen" is an interactive and immersive new media artwork that was developed as a part of a creative exploration into the sensations of seeing and being seen.
The present study investigated the manner in which psychiatric aides used their time when not involved in staff meetings or off-ward activities. Aides' behaviors on two shifts were observed during times they had the greatest likelihood of interacting with patients. It was found that aides were most likely to be observed in the Nursing Station on both(More)
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