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INTRODUCTION Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) criteria for hypersexual disorder (HD) have been proposed to capture symptoms reported by patients seeking help for out-of-control sexual behavior. The proposed criteria created by the DSM-5 Work Group on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders require evaluation in a(More)
OBJECTIVES Earlier evidence suggests comorbid attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) among those seeking treatment for hypersexual behavior. This article examines which facets of ADHD symptoms are most strongly associated with hypersexual behavior among a patient sample of men (N = 81). METHODS ADHD diagnosis was made by 2 clinicians, and symptom(More)
Some authors theorize that relationship attachment difficulties play an etiological role in the development of hypersexual behavior. The research in support of this theory is plagued by small sample sizes and analyses that are limited to averages within 4 forced-choice categories of attachment. The present study seeks to further the understanding of(More)
This article reports the psychometric evaluation of the Pornography Consumption Inventory (PCI), which was developed to assess motivations for pornography use among hypersexual men. Initial factor structure and item analysis were conducted in a sample of men (N = 105) seeking to reduce their pornography consumption (Study 1), yielding a 4-factor solution.(More)
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