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BACKGROUND The application of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) luminometry for monitoring sanitized hospital surfaces is an evolving infection control practice. The goal of this study is to validate and compare 3 commercially available ATP luminometry, swab, rapid-test systems for use in hospital surface sanitization testing. Regulatory agencies may consider(More)
ultra long reach optical transport, and bit-rate and wavelength transparent cross-connects. While pure optical transparency avoids the high cost of deploying optical termination units (OTUs) for each wavelength channel, it incurs new costs with additional fiber requirements and reduced provisioning capability. This paper describes an intermediate option,(More)
A patient with a pseudoaneurysm of the distal abdominal aorta, which developed as the result of complicated gallstone pancreatitis, is reported. The aorta was bypassed with an axillofemoral-femorofemoral graft; the pseudoaneurysm was resected, and the infrarenal aorta was oversewn. The patient survived a complicated postoperative course and was discharged(More)
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