Randy Georgemiller

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Assessed alternate form reliability and equivalency for the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) in a clinical sample. A test-retest, counterbalanced design was utilized with a diagnostically heterogenous group of 85 VA Medical Center patients. The mean test-retest interval was 140 min. Alternate form reliability coefficients were highly significant,(More)
In order to assess the utility of structured reminiscing with the elderly a series of five Life Review Workshops (LRW) were offered. Sixty-three seniors participated in the treatment or no-treatment conditions and were administered four attitude measures pre- and post-treatment. Workshop participants also filled out a Workshop Evaluation Form. Analyses(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this exploratory archival study was to discern the utility of the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) in identifying adaptive decision-making capacities among pilots with a history of alcohol dependence both with and without Cluster B personality features. METHODS Participants included 18 male airmen at the rank of captain with a history of(More)
Investigated the validity of the Arithmetic + Vocabulary + Picture Arrangement + Block Design subtest combination as an estimate of the WAIS-R Full Scale IQ in a sample of 55 elderly patients. The correlation between the short-form IQ and the WAIS-R Full Scale IQ was highly significant, r(53) = .95, p less than .001. A pairwise t-test computed between the(More)
This study assessed WAIS-R test-retest stability for a sample of 21 psychiatric and neurological patients. The test-retest interval ranged from 2 weeks to 144 weeks, with a mean of 38 weeks. Subtest stability coefficients were highly significant; only Similarities, r(19) = .45, p less than .05, fell below a correlation of .74. The Verbal, Performance, and(More)
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