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Across many academic disciplines visualisation and notation systems are used for modelling data and developing theory, but in child development visual models are not widely used; yet researchers and students of developmental difficulties may benefit from a visualisation and notation system which can clearly map developmental outcomes and trajectories, and(More)
The purpose of this specification is to define the schema of an XML document describing the characteristics of an installable unit (IU) of software that are relevant for its deployment, configuration and maintenance. The XML schema is referred to as the Installable Unit Deployment Descriptor or IUDD schema. IUDDs are intended to describe the aggregation of(More)
The processing of Case Report Form data collected in clinical trials is a data processing task unlike any other. Conventional systems approaches to clinical data management are not responsive to user demands and require excessive amounts of manpower to support. The Clinical Data Management System implemented at Merck utilizes Infodata 's Inquire database(More)
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