Randy E. Kochevar

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Analyses of sulfide, methane, oxygen, and CO, in pore-water sampdes from three cold seep sites in Monterey Bay indicate that fluid chemistry is a strong determinant of the distribution of chemolithoautotrophic vesicomyid clams. The distribution of Culyptogena pacijca and Culyptogenu kilmeri were aligned closely with sulfide concentrations at all cold seeps(More)
Tagging of Pacific pelagics (TOPP) is a pilot program of the Census of marine life (CoML) that will lead to understanding of pelagic habitat use by marine vertebrates and large squid in the North Pacific. Taking a multispecies approach, the TOPP project will use a range of electronic tag technologies to put the distribution and behavior of pelagic organisms(More)
A 10-month longitudinal study with 79 university students examined the role of positive and negative life experiences on the subsequent development of health problems. The Life Experiences Survey (LES; Sarason, Johnson & Siegel, 1978) was modified to measure the potential role of five moderating variables on illness. Students gave monthly reports of life(More)
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