Randy C. Stevenson

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annual meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association. We thank Fany Yuval for her insightful comments on an early draft of the manuscript. We are also grateful to Renan Levine, Meredith Rolfe, Chris Wendt, and Adam Ziegfeld for their helpful comments on the manuscript. We greatly benefited from comments conference at the University of Exeter, and(More)
Political scientists often turn to natural experiments to draw causal inferences with observational data. Recently, the regression discontinuity design (RD) has become a popular type of natural experiment due to its relatively weak assumptions. We study a special type of regression discontinuity design where the discontinuity in treatment assignment is(More)
Service provision for those with cerebral palsy (CP) becomes fragmented after adolescence. Young people with CP in two age groups, their carers and associates, were interviewed, and use of health and social services was investigated. Leisure activities were also compared with a matched control group of able-bodied young people. Use of health and social(More)
—A Bond Graph model of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrain test cell is proposed. The test cell consists of a motor/generator coupled to a HEV powertrain and powered by a bidirectional power converter. Programmable loading conditions, including positive and negative resistive and inertial loads of any magnitude are modeled, avoiding the use of(More)
UNLABELLED We conducted a case-control study to examine osteonecrosis (ON) incidence, patient characteristics, and selected potential risk factors using two health record databases in the UK. Statistically significant risk factors for ON included systemic corticosteroid use, hospitalization, referral or specialist visit, bone fracture, any cancer,(More)
A detailed costing of the Mersey regional neonatal intensive care unit was made for 1983 (at 1984 prices) for three levels of care; costs per inpatient day were 297 pounds, 138 pounds, and 71 pounds for intensive, special, and nursery care, respectively. Regression of ungrouped patient-specific costs against birthweight showed the explanatory power of(More)
(UK). Comments and suggestions for future revisions of these recommendations may be sent to or to any member of the Commission. Republication or reproduction of this report or its storage and/or dissemination by electronic means is permitted without the need for formal IUPAC permission on condition that an acknowledgment, with full reference to the source(More)
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