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Little research has focused on children's decoding of emotional meaning in expressive body movement: none has considered which movement cues children use to detect emotional meaning. The current study investigated the general ability to decode happiness, sadness, anger, and fear in dance forms of expressive body movement and the specific ability to detect(More)
Keywords: Presence Virtual self Personality Observed behaviors Virtual environments Avatar Massively multiplayer online games a b s t r a c t Several factors contribute to an individual's experiences in computer-based environments. Previous research shows one such fact or, the degree to which users feel connected to a virtual environment, influences the(More)
The present studies examined how sensitivity to spatiotemporal percepts such as rhythm, angularity, configuration, and force predicts accuracy in perceiving emotion. In Study 1, participants (N = 99) completed a nonverbal test battery consisting of three nonverbal emotion perception tests and two perceptual sensitivity tasks assessing rhythm sensitivity and(More)
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