Randy Avent

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Information gained through early detection of patient vital sign changes typically can be used to anticipate future difficulties. Detection of these changes through monitoring, however, can be difficult. Many of the monitored processes are random in nature. For that reason simple threshold algorithms exhibit a high incidence of false alarms, which can(More)
Statistical monitoring techniques like CUSUM, Trigg's tracking signal and EMP filtering have a major advantage over more recent techniques, such as Kalman filtering, because of their inherent simplicity. In many biomedical applications, such as electronic implantable devices, these simpler techniques have greater utility because of the reduced requirements(More)
We analyzed the correlation metric used in cross-track stereo SAR elevation estimation. We showed the resulting relationship that arises between false alarms and missed detections, for a range of processing and terrain conditions. We also derived and illustrated constraints between terrain slope, feasible height resolution, and SAR collection geometry.
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