Randy A. Mrozek

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This study investigates alternative material compositions for flexible silicone-based dry electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes to improve the performance lifespan while maintaining high-fidelity transmission of EEG signals. Electrode materials were fabricated with varying concentrations of silver-coated silica and silver flakes to evaluate their(More)
Solvent-swollen polymer gels can be utilized as mechanical simulants of biological tissues to evaluate protective systems and assess injury mechanisms. However, a key challenge in this application of synthetic materials is mimicking the rate-dependent mechanical response of complex biological tissues. Here, we characterize the mechanical behavior of tissue(More)
The fundamental material response of a viscoelastic material when impacted by a ballistic projectile has important implication for the defense, law enforcement, and medical communities particularly for the evaluation of protective systems. In this paper, we systematically vary the modulus and toughness of a synthetic polymer gel to determine their(More)
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