Randolph Thomas

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Symmetry is believed to be a hallmark of appealing faces. However, this does not imply that the most aesthetically pleasing proportions are necessary those that arise from the simple division of the face into thirds or fifths. Based on the etymology of the word symmetry, as well as on specific examples and theories of beauty, we conclude that φ-value,(More)
With QCD sum rule evaluations, spectral changes of hadrons inside nuclear matter are considered, which shed light on QCD condensates and thus on the non-perturbative structure of the QCD ground state. For some light quark configurations, ω meson and nucleon, the relevance of four-quark condensates is compared; the D meson as a representative of heavy-light(More)
We investigate the evolution of galaxy clustering for galaxies in the redshift range 2.0 < z < 5.0 using the VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey (VUDS). We present the projected (real-space) two-point correlation function wp(rp) measured by using 3022 galaxies with robust spectroscopic redshifts in two independent fields (COSMOS and VVDS-02h) covering in total 0.8 deg.(More)
Context. The ionizing Lyman continuum flux escaping from high-redshift galaxies into the intergalactic medium is a fundamental quantity to understand the physical processes involved in the reionization epoch. However, from an observational point of view, direct detections of HI ionizing photons at high redshifts are feasible for galaxies mainly in the(More)
Abstract. The QCD sum rule approach to in-medium modifications of the ω meson in nuclear matter is reviewed with emphasis of its relation to 4-quark condensates and chiral symmetry restoration. Possible implications of the CBTAPS experiment for the reaction γA → Aω(→ πγ) are sketched and the particularly important role of di-electron probes, accessible with(More)
A dense non-aqueous phase liquid sample formed by release of coal tar into the environment was derivatised by trimethylsilylation using the reagent N,O-bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide (BSTFA) and extracted in hexane using accelerated solvent extraction. This procedure enables comprehensive extraction of an extensive suite of organic compounds from(More)