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Structure and Taxonomic Status of Trichogloea Herveyi
In March 1915, F . S . COLLINS issued in Fascicle XLI of the Phycotheca Boreali-Americana a specimen (no. 2034) bearing the name Trichogloea Herveyi, ascribing it to W . A. SETCHELL as a manuscriptExpand
Concussion management in combat sports: consensus statement from the Association of Ringside Physicians
Various organisations and experts have published numerous statements and recommendations regarding different aspects of sports-related concussion including definition, presentation, treatment,Expand
Structure and Reproduction of Chrysophaeum Lewisii
In 1924, while working on the marine algae of the Dry Tortugas Islands off the southern tip of Florida, the writer frequently noticed growing on the coral rocks and sand, and on the lower parts ofExpand
Surface Ultrastructural Changes in the Tegument of Cysticercus Fasciolaris and Schistosoma Mansoni Following In Vitro Low Doses of the Antihelminthic Drug, Oltipraz
Cysticercus fasciolaris is the larval form of the adult cat tapeworm, Hydatigera taeniaeformis (Taenia taeniaeformis). It is of increasing interest because of the considerable pathological conditionsExpand
Sports medicine in children: knee pain.
Knee pain is one of the most common issues among young athletes. A medical history and physical examination are required to categorize the pain. Athletic knee injuries can be chronic or acute.Expand
relative size. The genus Gasteria comprises a considerable number of succulent liliaceous plants native to South Africa, closely related to, and formerly placed in, the genus Aloe. Although theExpand
Undernutrition - Bariatric Athlete: 154 June 1, 10: 50 AM - 11: 10 AM.