Randolph M. Jones

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TacAir-Soar is an intelligent, rule-based system that generates believable " human-like " behavior for large scale, distributed military simulations. The innovation of the application is primarily a matter of scale and integration. The system is capable of executing most of the airborne missions that the United States military flies in fixed-wing aircraft.(More)
Interactive simulation environments constitute one of today's promising emerging technologies, with applications in areas such as education, manufacturing, entertainment and training. These environments are also rich domains for building and investigating intelligent automated agents, with requirements for the integration of a variety of agent capabilities,(More)
Several investigations have found that students learn more when they explain examples to themselves while studying them. Moreover , they refer less often to the examples while solving problems, and they read less of the example each time they refer to it. These ndings, collectively called the self-explanation eeect, have been reproduced by our cognitive(More)
A b s t r a c t Many results and techniques applicable to human-computer interaction (HCI) have been discovered by using cognitive modelling. However, few of these lessons have been applied to improve the explanation and illustration of cognitive models themselves. We have started to redress this imbalance by developing for a well-known cognitive(More)
Several studies have found that learning is more eeective when students explain examples to themselves. Although these studies show that learning and self-explanation co-occur, they do not reveal why. Three explanations have been proposed and computational models have been built for each. The gap-lling explanation is that self-explanation causes subjects to(More)
We have created a graphical interface tool to aid in the development and deployment of intelligent synthetic forces. The Situational Awareness Panel provides a number of views " inside the mind " of a synthetic agent. The views update continuously during the lifetime of the agent, as long as the panel is displayed, so users can inspect the reasoning(More)
Autonomous systems must operate in dynamic, unpredictable environments in real time. The task of ying a plane is an example of an environment i n w h i c h the agent m ust respond quickly to unexpected events while pursuing goals at diierent l e v els of complexity and granularity. W e present a system, Air-Soar, that achieves intelligent c o n trol through(More)