Randolph Lucas

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Isolated ischemic necrosis of the cecum is an infrequently described entity. We report three cases seen at our institution within a three-year period. All three patients had been hospitalized for congestive heart failure in the past, but none was in failure at the time of the most recent hospitalization. All three patients presented with clinical and(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of childhood cancer on the patient and family is devastating and results in significant emotional and physical effects on the child and family. An increasing awareness of the role of health care professionals at this time has led to the development of hospital-based bereavement support services. However, many services are not evidence(More)
BACKGROUND The authors have reviewed their institution's experience with conservative surgery and radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer with the goal of defining the impact of infiltrating lobular histology (ILC) on the local recurrence rate. Also, they have examined the preoperative mammograms of the ILC patients to determine if mammographic(More)
Paraganglioma of the duodenum is a tumor which typically occurs in the ampullary region and which has been regarded as benign. This patient, as well as most of the 25 similar cases previously described, presented with upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Diagnosis may be elusive, particularly when a Billroth II anastomosis has been done previously. Careful(More)
Six rescued grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) pups had traumatic injuries to their hind flippers; three had osteomyelitis without fractures, one had a single fracture and associated osteomyelitis, and two had multiple compound fractures and large open wounds. The medical and surgical methods used to treat these lesions are described. A proprietary waterproof(More)