Randolph Langley

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Virtual reality tightly coupled to high performance computing and communications ushers in a new era for the study of molecular recognition and the rational design of pharmaceutical compounds. We have created a Virtual Biomolecular Environment (VIBE), which consists of (I) massively parallel computing to simulate the physical and chemical properties of a(More)
We have found that F9 murine teratocarcinoma cells undergo morphological changes and internucleosomal DNA fragmentation characteristic of apoptosis after exposure to ionizing radiation. We studied the time course, radiation dose-response, and the effects of protein and RNA synthesis inhibitors on this process. The response is dose dependent in the range(More)
There are at least two different modes of cell death after treatment with ionizing radiation. The first is a failure to undergo sustained cell division despite metabolic survival, and we refer to this end point as "classical reproductive cell death." The second is a process that results in loss of cell integrity. This second category includes cellular(More)
PURPOSE To determine the feasibility of modifying the aerobic cytotoxicity of etanidazole without interfering with the tumoricidal action of radiation plus etanidazole. METHODS AND MATERIALS The aerobic cytotoxicity of etanidazole was studied using two different models: (1) Induction of apoptosis in EL4 cells: apoptotic DNA fragmentation was analyzed by(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether biological effects of radiation, such as apoptosis, that differ from classical clonogenic cell killing, can be modified with agents that would not be expected to modify classical clonogenic cell killing. This would expand the range of potential modifiers of radiation therapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS EL4 murine lymphoma cell(More)
EL4 murine lymphoma cells and F9 murine teratocarcinoma cells undergo apoptosis-like cell death after exposure to ionizing radiation. Apoptosis differs in several ways from classical clonogenic cell killing by radiation. We have tested several modifiers and radiomimetic agents in an effort to determine if the mechanism of induction of apoptosis by radiation(More)
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