Randolph Addison

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NUC-1, a basic helix-loop-helix zipper protein, activates the expression of several genes involved in phosphorus acquisition in Neurospora crassa. In the present study we investigated whether posttranscriptional mechanisms control the activity of NUC-1. The NUC-1 level was higher (up to fivefold) in wild-type cells grown at low external phosphate(More)
This report describes the identification, cloning, and molecular analysis of Asm-1+ (Ascospore maturation 1), the Neurospora crassa homologue of the Aspergillus nidulans stuA (stunted A) gene. The Asm-1+ gene is constitutively transcribed and encodes an abundant, nucleus-localized 68.5-kD protein. The protein product of Asm-1+ (ASM-1), contains a potential(More)
RNA transcripts that encoded the Neurospora crassa plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase (pma+), a polytopic integral membrane protein, and the pma+344, a truncated pma+ with the amino terminal 344 amino acids, were translated in a N. crassa in vitro system. The microsomal membranes integrated products were insensitive to extraction by Na2CO3 (pH 11.5). The velocity(More)
A translation-translocation system reconstituted with subcellular fractions from the wall-less variant fz;sg;os-1V of Neurospora crassa reproduces in vitro translocation and processing of a secretory protein. The translation extract was isolated from the wall-less variant by gently lysing cells by a freeze-thaw procedure. This method yielded more extract(More)
Translocation and integration activities were assessed in Neurospora microsomes (nRM) after modification either by a sulfhydryl alkylating reagent or by a proteinase. A Neurospora in vitro system was programmed with RNA transcripts that encode the amino-terminal 194 amino-acid residues of the Neurospora plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase (pma194+) or the 262(More)
The integration of a fragment of the Neurospora crassa plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase was examined to determine if insertion of the fragment into homologous microsomal vesicles is obligatorily dependent on a nucleoside triphosphate. RNA transcripts that encoded the amino terminal 344 amino acids of the Neurospora crassa plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase(pma(344)+)(More)
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