Randolph A. Rovelstad

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Four patients with pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis were recently treated with oxygen via a close-fitting mask. They responded initially to this therapy, with cessation of all symptoms and, after seven days of treatment, with return of proctoscopic and barium-contrast roentgenographic findings in the colon to normal. However, the disease recurred in one(More)
The patient with gastric ulcer (GU) has abnormal reflux of bile-containing duodenal contents into the stomach. Antral gastritis is prominently associated with GU and is more extensive with severe reflux and with ulcer chronicity and probably when bile salts are accompanied by other constituents of duodenal fluids. Smoking is significantly associated with(More)
Dermatological manifestations of chronic infammatory bowel disease are numerous. We report herein 2 cases that demonstrated the uncommon association of cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa with regional enterocolitis. The clinical and histopathological features of this skin disease are important. Particular emphasis is placed on its relative benignity, in(More)