Randolf Rotta

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Modularity is one of the most widely used quality measures for graph clusterings. Maximizing modularity is NP-hard, and the runtime of exact algorithms is prohibitive for large graphs. A simple and effective class of heuristics coarsens the graph by iteratively merging clusters (starting from singletons), and optionally refines the resulting clustering by(More)
Modularity is a widely used quality measure for graph clusterings. Its exact maximization is NP-hard and prohibitively expensive for large graphs. Popular heuristics first perform a coarsening phase, where local search starting from singleton clusters is used to compute a preliminary clustering, and then optionally a refinement phase, where this clustering(More)
The Single-Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) is an experimental processor created by Intel Labs. Instead of the usual shared memory programming, its design favors message passing over a special shared on-chip memory. However, the design of efficient message passing is still an ongoing research work, because the system differs quite much from traditional hardware.(More)
Highly resolved solutions of partial differential equations are important in many areas of science and technology nowadays. Only adaptive mesh refinement methods reduce the necessary work sufficiently allowing the calculation of realistic problems. Blockstructured SAMR methods are well-suited for the time-explicit computation of large-scale dynamical(More)
Many-core architectures trade single-thread performance for a larger number of cores. Scalable throughput can be attained only by a high degree of parallelism, minimized synchronization. Whilst this is achievable for many applications, the operating system still introduces bottlenecks through non-local sharing, synchronization,, message passing. A(More)
With the evolution toward fast networks of many-core processors, the design assumptions at the basis of software-level distributed shared memory (DSM) systems change considerably. But efficient DSMs are needed because they can significantly simplify the implementation of complex distributed algorithms. This paper discusses implications of the many-core(More)