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Many of you reading this article are familiar with the British National Corpus (BNC), a 100 million word corpus of both spoken and written language across a variety of registers (formal speeches, informal conversations, newspapers, etc.) (Aston & Burnard 1998). The BNC has been a tremendous resource for both English language researchers and English language(More)
The American National Corpus (ANC) project is developing a corpus comparable to the British National Corpus (BNC), covering American English. Recent interest in the web as a source of corpus materials has caused some in the language processing community to suggest that the development of a corpus of American English is unnecessary. However, we argue that(More)
Using corpora to explore linguistic variation opens with an introductory chapter by the editors. They describe the linguistic scene, providing the background that ties together the papers presented in the present volume. They also explain the organizational principles adopted. In all, the introductory chapter is very informative and highly illuminating, as(More)
Introduction The bibliography that follows includes an updated set of resources that the applied linguistics faculty at Northern Arizona University (NAU) consider essential for the work that they do as teacher trainers and applied linguists. (The first " Essential Bibliography for English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics " was compiled in January(More)
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