Randi-Michelle Cowin

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Huntington's disease (HD) is caused by the expansion of the polyglutamine tract expressed in the huntingtin protein. Data from patients show a strong negative correlation between CAG repeat size and age of disease onset. Recent studies in mixed background C57×CBA R6/2 mice suggest the inverse correlation observed in the human disease may not be replicated(More)
In the present study we report on the use of speed congenics to generate a C57BL/6J congenic line of HD-model R6/2 mice carrying 110 CAG repeats, which uniquely exhibits minimal intergenerational instability. We also report the first identification of the R6/2 transgene insertion site. The relatively stable line of 110 CAG R6/2 mice was characterized for(More)
Variability and modification of the symptoms of Huntington’s disease (HD) are commonly observed in both patient populations and animal models of the disease. Utilizing a stable line of the R6/2 HD mouse model, the present study investigated the role of genetic background in the onset and severity of HD symptoms in a transgenic mouse. R6/2 congenic C57BL/6J(More)
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