Randi M. Jimenez

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Members of different voltage-gated K+ channel subfamilies usually do not form heteromultimers. However, coassembly between Shaker and ether-à-go-go (eag) subunits, members of two distinct K+ channel subfamilies, was suggested by genetic and functional studies (Zhong and Wu. 1991. Science. 252: 1562-1564; Chen, M.-L., T. Hoshi, and C.-F. Wu. 1996. Neuron.(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of RNA motif search in long genomic sequences. This approach uses a combination of sequence and structure constraints to uncover new distant homologs of known functional RNAs. The problem is NP-hard and is traditionally solved by backtracking algorithms. We have designed a new algorithm for RNA motif search and(More)
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