Randi J. Weintraub

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The records of 13 medically ill geriatric patients whose depression interfered with their participation in a hospital rehabilitation program were retrospectively reviewed. Treatment with methylphenidate at dosages ranging from 2.5 mg/day to 20 mg/day produced mild to marked improvement in 54% of the patients; the fact that 6 of the 7 responders were female(More)
BACKGROUND Mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) affects 750,000 persons in the United States annually. Five to fifteen percent have persistent dysfunction and disability. No effective, standard pharmacological treatment exists specifically for this problem. We designed a pilot research project to study the clinical effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in the(More)
The records of 60 patients evaluated psychiatrically for major depression after stroke were reviewed retrospectively. Forty-two patients were treated with one of several "cyclic" antidepressant drugs, and 18 received no drug treatment. Objective ratings, based on current standard criteria for "major depression" (DSM-III), were used to establish degree of(More)
Online-learning environment can substantially improve student learning and retention of key health concepts. In this case report, we describe our approach for the design of online learning modules to teach concepts in an undergraduate health science/kinesiology curriculum. This report describes our use of these concepts in two lower division and one upper(More)
Today's students have unique learning needs and lack knowledge of core research skills. In this program report, we describe an online approach that we developed to teach core research skills to freshman and sophomore undergraduates. Specifically, we used two undergraduate kinesiology (KIN) courses designed to target students throughout campus (KIN1304:(More)
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