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Ray-space representation has superiority in rendering arbitrary viewpoint images of complicated scene in real-time. Ray-space interpolation is one of the key techniques to make ray-space based free viewpoint video (FVV) feasible. This paper presents a directionality based interpolation method for ray-space based FW system. Characteristic pixels near edges(More)
The performance of multiview video coding (MVC) scheme is the most important aspect to be considered in future implementations. Many works have been done on the discussions between encoding efficiency and prediction structures. However, the structure of MVC can greatly affect interaction between user and video server, which is important to evaluate MVC(More)
Automatic cloud detection and classification using satellite cloud imagery have various meteorological applications such as weather forecasting and climate monitoring. Cloud pattern analysis is one of the research hotspots recently. Since satellites sense the clouds remotely from space, and different cloud types often overlap and convert into each other,(More)
To improve random access performance in multi-view video system, predication structure for multi-view video coding is represented with weighted graph. Then the optimal decoding path with respect to random access of user is computed by referring to the idea of the shortest path in graph theory. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme can obtain(More)
Based on the analysis of the classical free viewpoint video (FVV) system, an improved framework of FVV system for high interaction is proposed, which focuses on the requirements and capabilities of receiver side, and aims to achieve low cost of bandwidth, decoder and view generation. Under the framework, disparity search should be completed in server side(More)
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