Randhir Singh

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In search of a new class of organic compounds as potential COX-2 inhibitors, various 4-Fluorophenylhydrazones (3a–3i) have been synthesized and molecular docking study was conducted. All the synthesized compounds were also evaluated for their in vivo anti-inflammatory potential using carrageenan-induced rat paw odema method. In the present manuscript, a(More)
Clarity of fruit juices is desirable to maintain an aesthetically pleasing quality and international standards. The most commonly used enzymes in juice industries are pectinases. A partially-purified pectinmethylesterase from tomato was entrapped in calcium alginate beads and used for juice clarification. The activity yield was maximum at 1 % (w/v) CaCl2(More)
Tetraazamacrocyclie complexes of lead and palladium have been synthesized by the template process using the bis(benzil)ethylenediamine precursor. The tetradentate macrocycle (maL) reacts with PbCl(2), PdCl(2) and different diamines in a 1:1:1 molar ratio in methanol to give several solid complexes of the types [Pb(maL)(R)Cl(2)] and [Pd(maL)(R)]Cl(2) (where(More)
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