Randhir Singh

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In this work, a new technique based on Green’s function and the Adomian decomposition method (ADM) for solving nonlinear singular boundary value problems (SBVPs) is proposed. The technique relies on constructing Green’s function before establishing the recursive scheme for the solution components. In contrast to the existing recursive schemes based on the(More)
––The data clustering is a big problem in a wide variety of different areas,like pattern recognition & bioinformatics. Clustering is a data description method in data mining which collects most similar data . The purpose is to organize a collection of data items in to clusters, such that items within a cluster are more similar to each other than they are in(More)
[1] Using International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS, version v03r03) analysis during satellite era (1986–2010) we determined the trends of intensification of tropical cyclones (TC) over all the global basins, except the North Indian Ocean. Over all the basins, the rate of TC intensification from 64 kt to first peak of intensity(More)
Education Data Mining is a promising discipline which has an imperative impact on predicting students’ academic performance. In this paper, student’s performance is evaluated using association rule mining algorithm. Research has been done on assessing student’s performance based on various attributes. In our study important rules are generated to measure(More)
Hard/soft classification techniques are the conventional ways of image classification on satellite data. These classifiers have a number of drawbacks. First, these approaches are inappropriate for mixed pixels. Second, these approaches do not consider spatial variability. Kriging-based soft classification (KBSC) is a nonparametric geostatistical method. It(More)
We propose two new modified recursive schemes for solving a class of doubly singular two-point boundary value problems. These schemes are based on Adomian decomposition method ADM and new proposed integral operators. We use all the boundary conditions to derive an integral equation before establishing the recursive schemes for the solution components. Thus(More)
An efficient semi-numerical method is proposed for solving no linear singular boundary value problems arising in various physical models. We proposed a modification of the Adomian decomposition method (ADM). The technique depends on transforming the boundary value problems to Fredholm integral equations before establishing the recursive scheme for the(More)