Randhir Singh

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In search of a new class of organic compounds as potential COX-2 inhibitors, various 4-Fluorophenylhydrazones (3a–3i) have been synthesized and molecular docking study was conducted. All the synthesized compounds were also evaluated for their in vivo anti-inflammatory potential using carrageenan-induced rat paw odema method. In the present manuscript, a(More)
Pseudomonas sp. strains C4, C5 and C6 degrade carbaryl (1-naphthyl N-methylcarbamate) via 1-naphthol, 1,2-dihydroxynaphthalene, salicylate and gentisate. Carbon source-dependent metabolic studies suggest that enzymes responsible for carbaryl degradation are probably organized into ‘upper’ (carbaryl to salicylate), ‘middle’ (salicylate to gentisate) and(More)
The interonium distance plays a major role in neuromuscular blocking activity of bis-quaternary ammonium compounds. In this study we tried to alter the distance between two quaternary nitrogens in some of the steroidal derivatives synthesized and evaluated them for neuromuscular blocking activity using in vivo (in chicks) and in vitro models (rectus(More)
The nature of the vocal-cord excitation has long interested speech researcher. One of the most important problems has been the specification of source excitations for speech synthesizers. It is known that the shape and periodicity of the vocal-cord excitation are subject to large variations. Investigations were carried out the effects of various glottal(More)
AIM The aim was to study the effect of the transition to body condition score (BCS) and ultrasonographic back fat thickness (USG BFT) in crossbred cows. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 101 multiparous crossbred cows in advanced pregnancy from organized dairy farm were taken up for study. The cows were grouped according to transition stage, i.e. far off(More)
Effect of signal to noise ratio on male-female speech signal, " Abstract—This study assessed the acoustic and perceptual effect of noise on male/female speech. Acoustic analysis are carried out on the Hindi language female/male speaker. Various levels of noise ranging from 0 dB to 20 dB are added with the original recorded speech signal. An standard HNM(More)
—Acoustic communication is most important among other forms of communication used by elephant as they can generate both very high and very low frequency signals. In this research paper, elephant calls are synthesized using harmonic plus noise model (HNM) technique. Five different calls of elephant are recorded with high quality recording system which is(More)
Speech is the most innate and fastest means of communication between humans. There has been a significant amount of research in the field of speech signal processing, and numerous models have been designed. The evolutionary origins of speech remain obscure. An algorithm is designed to modify various speech parameters with different frame size using linear,(More)