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We describe an initial prototype of a holodeck- like environment that we have created for the Mission Rehearsal Exercise Project. The goal of the project is to create an experience learning system where the participants are immersed in an environment where they can encounter the sights, sounds, and circumstances of real-world scenarios. Virtual humans act(More)
I magine yourself as a young lieutenant in the US Army on your first peacekeeping mission. You must help another group, called Eagle1-6, inspect a suspected weapons cache. You arrive at a rendezvous point, anxious to proceed with the mission, only to see your platoon sergeant looking upset as smoke rises from one of your platoon's vehicles and a civilian(More)
Think Like a Commander – Excellence in Leadership (TLAC-XL) is an application designed for learning leadership skills both from the experiences of others and through a structured dialogue about issues raised in a vignette. The participant watches a movie, interacts with a synthetic mentor and interviews characters in the story. The goal is to enable leaders(More)
This paper describes a hierarchical scheduling, planning, control, and execution monitoring architecture for automating operations of a worldwide network of communications antennas. We describe the network automation problem and current mode of operations. We then describe a three layer hierarchical architecture for automating network operations. In(More)
■ This article describes the virtual humans developed as part of the Mission Rehearsal Exercise project, a virtual reality–based training system. This project is an ambitious exercise in integration, both in the sense of integrating technology with entertainment industry content, but also in that we have joined a number of component technologies that have(More)
Negotiation skills are essential in everyday life, whether in a professional or personal context. Negotiation enables two parties to address misunderstandings and avoid conflicts through an exchange that depends as much on the interpersonal skills of the negotiators as the tactics employed. Acquiring these skills requires not only sound conceptual knowledge(More)
1 We have constructed a team of intelligent agents that perform the tasks of an attack helicopter company for a synthetic battlefield environment used for running large-scale military exercises. We have used the Soar integrated architecture to develop: (1) pilot agents for a company of helicopters, (2) a command agent that makes decisions and plans for the(More)
This paper describes a method for making short-term predictions about the movement of mobile agents in complex terrain. Virtual humans need this ability in order to shift their visual attention between dynamic objects-predicting where an object will be located a few seconds in the future facilitates the visual reacquisition of the target object. Our method(More)