Randall W. Hill

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We describe an initial prototype of a holodeck- like environment that we have created for the Mission Rehearsal Exercise Project. The goal of the project is to create an experience learning system where the participants are immersed in an environment where they can encounter the sights, sounds, and circumstances of real-world scenarios. Virtual humans act(More)
96 AI MAGAZINE Copyright © 2006, American Association for Artificial Intelligence. All rights reserved. 0738-4602-2006 / $2.00 ■ This article describes the virtual humans developed as part of the Mission Rehearsal Exercise project, a virtual reality–based training system. This project is an ambitious exercise in integration, both in the sense of integrating(More)
ELECT BiLAT is a prototype game-based simulation for Soldiers to practice conducting bilateral engagements in a cultural context. The prototype provides students with the experience of preparing for a meeting including familiarization with the cultural context, gathering intelligence, conducting a meeting and negotiating when possible, and following up on(More)
and a civilian car. A seriously injured child lies on the ground, surrounded by a distraught woman and a medic from your team. You ask what happened and your sergeant reacts defensively. He casts an angry glance at the mother and says, “They rammed into us, sir. They just shot out from the side street and our driver couldn’t see them.” Before you can think,(More)
Negotiation skills are essential in everyday life, whether in a professional or personal context. Negotiation enables two parties to address misunderstandings and avoid conflicts through an exchange that depends as much on the interpersonal skills of the negotiators as the tactics employed. Acquiring these skills requires not only sound conceptual knowledge(More)
Plan recognition techniques frequently make rigid assumptions about the student's plans, and invest substantial effort to infer unobservable properties of the student. The pedagogical benefits of plan recognition analysis are not always obvious. We claim that these difficulties can be overcome if greater attention is paid to the situational context of the(More)
This paper describes a hierarchical scheduling, planning, control, and execution monitoring architecture for automating operations of a worldwide network of communications antennas. We describe the network automation problem and current mode of operations. We then describe a three layer hierarchical architecture for automating network operations. In(More)
We are interested in developing effective performance-oriented training for the operation of systems that are used for monitor and control purposes. We have focused on one such system, the communications Link Monitor and Control (LMC) system used in NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN), which is a worldwide system for navigating, tracking and communicating with(More)