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Cleidocranial dysplasia is a rare condition that presents a variety of problems for the restorative dentist. This article defines the basic characteristics, including the oral manifestations, of cleidocranial dysplasia and describes some of the available treatment modalities. It also presents a case in which iliac crest bone grafts and endosseous implants(More)
A technique is presented for using light-cured composite resin to create desirable contours on abutment teeth for the retention and support of removable partial dentures. The desired tooth shape is created on a diagnostic cast, captured in a clear temporary splint material, and formed in resin on the abutment teeth with the splint acting as a matrix.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The ringless casting procedure is in use in clinical dentistry, although there is no adequate scientific data to support its use. PURPOSE This study compared the vertical margin accuracy of lost wax castings produced with the conventional casting technique using a metal ring and a technique that uses a ringless system. MATERIAL AND(More)
detail required when making impressions for speech aid prostheses, but many operators often do not capture all the patient’s soft and hard tissue details when making either preliminary or definitive impressions for frameworks, castings, and baseplates.1-3 In maxillofacial prosthetics, one responsibility of the clinician is the reestablishing of(More)
The use of a semiadjustable articulator has become more popular for prosthodontic rehabilitation. An occlusal plane analyzer has long been used to assist the operator in the development of an initial mandibular occlusal plane in diagnostic contour casts and later as an integral part of both the contours of the definitive restorations as well as guidelines(More)
Protection of all soft tissues is an early and integral component of the total treatment plan involving any dental restoration. A procedure is presented to provide protection of recent extraction sites by using adhesive Burlew foil when making an immediate fixed restoration. The foil provides protection, at the extraction site, from both mechanical and(More)