Randall T. Holmes

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The cellular infiltrate found during the acute phase of multiple sclerosis (MS) consists of monocytes and activated T cells, suggesting the presence of cell-specific chemotactic signals during the inflammatory response. We examined the ability of human astrocytoma cell lines, as well as primary human and rat astrocytes, to generate a specific member of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the HMPAO SPECT cerebral perfusion patterns in early and late onset Alzheimer's disease. METHODS Twenty patients with early onset disease (<65 years) and 44 patients with late onset disease (>65 years) were studied. All patients fulfilled NINCDS-ADRDA clinical criteria and had details of disease severity and length of history at the(More)
Description: Set theory is an autonomous and sophisticated field of mathematics that is extremely successful at analyzing mathematical propositions and gauging their consistency strength. It is as a field of mathematics that both proceeds with its own internal questions and is capable of contextualizing over a broad range, which makes set theory an(More)
Locomotor activity in rats was reduced by intracisternal (i.cis.) injection of the selective alpha 2-agonist clonidine and increased by the i.cis. administration of the selective alpha 1-agonists phenylephrine and methoxamine. These responses to i.cis. administered clonidine, phenylephrine and methoxamine were examined in rats pretreated subcutaneously(More)
This study analyzes the potential and consequences of Washington State's use of wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) to produce electricity and electrolytic hydrogen for 100% of its all-purposes energy (electricity, transportation, heating/cooling, industry) by 2050, with 80e85% conversion by 2030. Elec-trification plus modest efficiency measures can reduce(More)
Ten patients with acute myelomonocytic leukemia (AMML) and inversion of chromosome 16 who had CNS involvement were identified at M.D. Anderson Hospital between January 1972 and December 1984. The nervous system signs and symptoms were evaluated in detail. CT scans, CSF cytologies, and treatment modalities were reviewed. Two patients underwent biopsies of(More)
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