Randall Swisher

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Wind power has been the fastest growing energy technology in the world for the last decade, and U.S. wind capacity is expected to increase by 50% by the end of 2001. What are the factors driving that growth? 1) Wind energy’s increasingly attractive economics is perhaps the most important factor, with the costs of wind having declined almost 90% since the(More)
Basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) is a potent mitogen which is required for normal development, particularly the development of the skeletal system, where the inhibition of FGF binding to its receptor results in various skeletal malformations. The present study employed a newly engineered line of FGF-2 transgenic mice to determine the effects of(More)
Renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity, and wind turbine power are environmentally beneficial sources of electric power generation. The integration of renewable energy sources into electric power distribution systems can provide additional economic benefits because of a reduction in the losses associated with(More)
The authors describe mammographic and pathologic evidence of the growth of a fibroadenoma in an 82-year-old obese woman, 44 years after menopause, who had never been treated with hormone therapy. The patient's obesity is hypothesized as the causal factor for increased estrogen levels leading to growth of the fibroadenoma.
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